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Friedrich Kunath - I'm Running out of World - White Cube 2014

So, I was in London for New Year and after visiting the RA and seeing the Daumier exhibition, which I thought was good; I popped down to see what was on at the White Cube Gallery in Masons Yard.  My favourite thing in the world is to stumble upon a show, which you didn’t know was there, but inspires you so much you HAVE to buy the book on the artist before you leave.   The Artist is Friedrich Kunath originally from Germany, who lives and works in Los Angeles.  The man working behind the desk at the White Cube said of Kunath, ‘That he does not take himself seriously at all’, and that, ‘He stumbled into the profession of being an artist’.  Both comments are quite refreshing.  I find his work imaginative, surreal, fun and humorous and I felt happy to be there as all the colours and ideas invited me into his work. 

‘Kunath balances the temper of his art on a knife’s edge between postmodernism and nihilism, and then pushes it further, into a pictorial consciousness that seems part Fun House, part Las Vegas Rococo and part enquiry into the psycho-dynamics of visual language.’
Michael Bracewell