Erika Fortiner's Art - Dark, yet beautiful and uplifting. I'm Transfixed.
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 5:46PM

           Hells Angels in ParadiseErica’s work is a contemplative language of process and experience. These elements range in setting but almost always include anatomy, urban ideas, sexuality, emotion, and chaotic structure. Each work is developed through predominately organic shapes using stream of consciousness, memories, and current events. Gestures can be softly or violently drawn, while more detailed forms and special attention to line are used to flatten yet 3-dimentionalize the image. These variations of dual intensity give her work a constant opposition of strength verses sensitivity. This composite can also be visible in the physicalmaterials of the work which include acrylic, airbrush, soft linens, and pours that have counter tactile qualities.  

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