Influences. . . . . . .

I remember seeing Sophie Calle’s work in the Guggenheim, New York for the first time and knowing it was the idiosyncratic stories of people’s lives that fascinated me; the events in life that shape our characters and makes us individuals. Sophie Calle is a French artist who examines human identity and intimacy by investigating people’s lives in a voyeuristic and detective- like manner. Les Dormeurs, 1979, Sophie CalleI regularly refer back to the work of Gustav Klimt, as I aspire to his surreal, yet visually stunning aesthetics that often blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality, with painted figures that look as if they were either, under water or floating through a parallel world. 
Gold Fish, 1901/02, Gustav KlimtI discovered a children’s book named, ‘The Red Tree’, written by Shaun Tan which I believe evokes such emotion, as the ethereal images induce the thoughts and fears of the subconscious. The story tells the story of all of our lives. I would recommend the book to be on the NHS, as it gives the reader hope.Illustration from, 'The Red Tree', 2001, Shaun Tan The designs, use of textures, and spatial compositions of the work of, architect, Carlo Scarpa, influenced my architectural work greatly. This influence is undoubtedly brought forward into my artwork.  I believe his work is highly revered due to his works, sensuality and his use of contrasting materials.Olivetti Showroom, 1958, Carlo ScarpaI came across Francesca Woodman a while back in the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art and was immediately drawn to it by the fact that it was sensory; you could feel the textures, dampness, temperatures on your skin through the photograph. Akin to the other artists, I have mentioned she works as if she was in another world, relaying her dreams.  

Untitled, 1976, Francesca WoodmanAn artist friend of mine introduced me to the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung who will always influence me as he suggests reasons behind our dreams, puts forward the realism of a collective subconscious and discusses the individuation of the self.Medicine (composition draft) 1897/98, Gustav KlimtThe works that I have briefly mentioned in the text above are, in my view, equally dark, as they are beautiful. These contrasts affect me and influence my work, as well as the supernatural and surreal stories that are ingrained in our memory and the ones that are still to be illustrated and told.